We help organisations employ people with disability, and design their products and services for customers with disability.

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The Australian Network on Disability brings together the experience and knowledge of hundreds of Australia’s leading organisations who include people with disability as their employees and customers.

The power of our member network, coupled with the services and tools we provide, give you everything you need to become an accessible and disability-confident enterprise.

Start enjoying the many benefits of being a disability-inclusive organisation today.

Employers – how we can help you

To help you become disability confident, we do three things at the enterprise level:

  • build your knowledge and skills to create an accessible and inclusive workplace
  • connect you to the right people
  • help you monitor your progress and constantly improve.

Most importantly, our member network gives you access to the insights and techniques of hundreds of Australia’s leading organisations.

Not sure? Find out how accessible and inclusive you are with our free Access & Inclusion Index Quick 10 test, and find out how welcoming people with disability can benefit your organisation.

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Man with dreadlocks and glasses siting in front of laptop. Smiling off to the side. Man with dreadlocks and glasses siting in front of laptop. Smiling off to the side.
Woman with crutches smiling. Woman with crutches smiling.

Students & jobseekers – How we can help you

We can find you a mentor to improve your career skills and knowledge to help you find employment.

If you’re a university student in your last two years of study, we can bring you together with organisations offering internships to help you get practical skills and work experience.

Let us connect you to organisations looking for someone with your skills.

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“The problem isn’t that I can’t get into a lecture theatre, the problem is that the lecture theatre isn’t accessible to me.”

Professor Mike Oliver

“Including people with disability as your customers and employees sounds like it might be hard, but we take all the complication out of it.”

AND Deputy CEO Amy Whalley